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Scott Kennedy

Works which embody beauty, spirituality and mystery are a good place to start in describing the paintings of Scott Kennedy. His new and forthcoming works are the result of a diverse personal exploration in the visual arts which, so far, span more than three decades. His journey, since graduating with a bachelor of fine arts from Colorado State University in 1981, has revolved around a number of subjects and themes. Collectors worldwide have enjoyed his work with over a hundred print editions through American art publishers.

His latest work revolves around a theme of windows. Each window is a one of a kind and extremely rare, dating as far back as the 17th century. When combined together, his beautiful figurative paintings take on a mysterious and alluring quality. The international Art Renewal Center has named Scott as a Living Master with several of these windows paintings being featured in their international ARC Salon.

In that black or luminous square life lives, life dreams, life suffers.
— Excerpt from "Windows" by Charles Baudelaire